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Doors and Windows industry "the two associations" exchange the experience sharing, jointly plan for both north and south industrial cooperation2016-06-09

        Under the invitation by Foshan doors and Windows industry association, LiminYi of the LinQu County Committee and First Deputy County Chief, and WeiguangWu of the Linqu aluminum industry association Chairman and Shandong Huajian Aluminium Group President, led the "doors and Windows industry development research group" composed by some principals of shandong famous aluminum profile and doors and Windows enterprise, and Responsible Officers of linqu aluminum industry association member companies, they party interviewed the Guangzhou Foshan Doors and Windows Industry Association on June 5th, and had a in-depth Communication discussion with GuohongWu Hucheng etc association leadership and delegation.
The LinQu County Committee and First Deputy County Chief  LiminYi
The Linqu aluminum industry association Chairman and Shandong Huajian Aluminium Group President  WeiguangWu
  The Foshan Doors and Windows Industry Association Chairman  GuohongWu
The Foshan Doors and Windows Industry Association Secretary-General  Hucheng

        Foshan local mission and Sinpolo, Hennessy,ZOBL and other brands Levin household doors and windows as well as doors and windows and other sea haffner equipment business executives on the status of local home windows and doors industry development trends and industrial policy were discussed and exchanged opinions. The event, to the north and south industry to build up a mutual learning, mutual cooperation and resource sharing platform.
       Linqu and Foshan is China's leading aluminum windows and doors and industrial base, both in technology research and development of aluminum windows and doors products, market development have their own advantages. In recent years, Huajian Aluminum Group and Foshan doors and windows Association continue to strengthen communication and exchanges, for further cooperation has laid a solid foundation.
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