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Huajian Trading Linqu Huajian Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. Mainly engaged in non-ferrous metals, hardware, electronics, window fittings, machinery, equipment and accessories, chemical products, building decoration materials, wholesale and retail business.
Relying on the prowess of the Huajian Aluminum Group, the company continued to expand the size of the market, to achieve rapid development. , Has established good relations of cooperation with the GU (GU), Noto (ROTO) Sijiliya, Boman Wei Shi (WEISS) Jian Long (KINLONG), Guoqiang Hardware and other well-known hardware accessories company providing our customers with reliable quality window fittings, machinery and equipment accessories and architectural decoration materials products. Group at the same time, keeping up with demand for our products, and to provide supporting pulley Gabriel doors and windows, curtain wall systems, and new wood edge aluminum composite wood door and window systems, locks, actuators, handle, hinges and other supporting hardware, variety of glass curtain wall with glue, tape and other related accessories.
The company always uphold the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, the advantages of technology, supply channels to provide customers with one-stop service, sincere friends from all walks of life go hand in hand for a better future.
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