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Hengfeng Credit The Linqu Hengfeng microcredit Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, is approved by the Finance Office of Shandong Provincial Government established the People's Bank, the Banking Bureau for the record, by the the Linqu government under the direct supervision of the local financial organizations. Registered capital of 100 million yuan for Linqu the first small loan companies. Small loan companies to increase their investment in November 2011 to 200 million yuan, Weifang City's largest, complete system has a high reputation in the industry and influence.
The company has a professional management team to develop a standardized and mature operational processes and improve the management system. Mainly engaged in small personal loans, "three rural loans, SME loans and financial advisory services handled a variety of loans, guarantees flexible. Business process is fast, convenient and flexible deadline, the term of the loan, the interest charged by the actual number of days, can effectively reduce the cost of corporate finance clients are free to choose according to their actual situation.
The company has always adhered to "treat people with sincerity, affection, mutual benefit and win-win" business philosophy, the "three rural" and small and medium-sized enterprises as an important basis for the development of the company, providing our customers with efficient, high-quality, full-service specification. Unit as vice president of the Association of microfinance industry in Weifang City, the company has always been to grow their own return to the community as its mission to make a positive contribution to regional economic development. March 2012, was awarded the 2011 Weifang City Pokka private enterprise "title.