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Mingsheng Heavy Shandong Ming Sheng Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, built with funds from the Guangdong Foshan Ming Sheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Liang Runming, Shandong Huajian Aluminium Co., Ltd. Wu Weiguang, wheat Yuhua trio, with registered capital of 20 million yuan. Domicile of the company is located in the east of the Lower East Side street Xing Cai Road, covers an area of ??203 acres, which net project construction land area of 150 acres. Major new machining workshop, assembly workshop, customer service centers, warehouses, office buildings, complex building, dormitory and restaurant buildings, with a total construction area of ??80,000 square meters, with total planned investment of 600 million yuan. After the completion of the project, 550-12500 tons copper aluminum extrusion machine and aluminum bar heating furnace, cooling bed, mold and other auxiliary equipment with an annual output capacity of 220 sets. Realized main business income of 10 billion yuan, 160 million yuan of profits and taxes.
The project is a key emerging technology projects in the nine national equipment manufacturing industry, our county aluminum industry leading enterprises settled construction of the project to fill the blank of the county aluminum extrusion equipment manufacturers further elongated widening of the aluminum industry chain promote the county aluminum industry transformation and upgrading of great significance.
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